If Naturism is not about sex, then what is the point?

Added by Aussie Naturist on Wednesday, 19th August 2020 at 08:21:41am

Consider this fact: The whole point of naturism is that nudity does not equate to sexual activity. The purpose of naturism is to liberate the individual from the normal conditioning of society that "nudity is rude" because it only occurs when sexual activity is on the horizon. The naturist, therefore, does not need to feel embarrassed about being naked in the company of others, which results in a boost to their self esteem. Nor does the naturist need to be ashamed to admit they are a naturist, because sex is not involved. In a genuine naturist environment, individuals (particularly women) do not feel threatened or objectified, but can relax totally and engage fully in an atmosphere of total respect. It is that ability to relax completely and shed the social barriers to open communication that makes naturism unique and fulfilling.

The ill-informed and immature people out there who cannot separate nudity from sex will defensively label us "prudes". However, they are very much mistaken! Because naturists are unashamed of their bodies, they actually have a generally better sex life than non-naturists, who suffer from all manner of anxieties. Unfortunately, this knee-jerk defensive response usually rules out any positive discussion and growth on the matter.

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