Why does Aussie Naturists not work properly?

Unfortunately many people think that if something does not work, it is broken. No, that is not true. If you are trying to use, browse or join Aussie Naturists and cannot, then the most likely responsible culprit is your device. Our buttons & links are functional and exist to allow you to open new windows to view more content. If the buttons seem to not work for you, then it is your device (or your browser ) that is preventing the function. If you are using an IPad or IPhone, and in particular the "Safari" browser, then this probably refers to you. Our advice is to download and install the Mozilla Firefox App onto your IDevice and use it. It will instantly fix your problem.

If you are seeing a warning saying that the site is insecure - ignore it! We have not asked you to provide any private information, and we never ask for members for their banking details. We are as secure as your own house is. We are a registered business and currently working on an SSL Certificate to remove these false error warnings - but this takes time to implement, so your patience and understanding is appreciated!