How do I join Aussie Naturists?

There are two links on this page (above) to allow you to join our community. Both of them say JOIN. Click on one of them and a new popup window should open to show you our application form. If a new popup window does not open, then your device or browser is preventing it from opening. If you are using an IPad or IPhone, and in particular the "Safari" browser, then this probably refers to you. Our advice is to download and install the Mozilla Firefox App onto your IDevice and use it instead of your current web browser. It will instantly fix your problem.

We use many popup windows on Aussie Naturists to show you information or allow you to edit information. If you do not fix the problem caused by your device then it is pointless applying to join, since you will be unable to access many features of our site. Despite what your device or browser might be telling you, Aussie Naturists is not a dangerous website intent on stealing your identity. If you do not provide us with some information, then membership is simply impossible.